11/7: The 1960s Tucson Sound w/ Manny Freiser on Luxuria!

On my very first episode of Over Under Sideways Down on LuxuriaMusic.com, I featured the legendary Manny Freiser, writer of the ’60s garage nugget “Let’s Talk About Girls,” member of the Grodes and Tongues of Truth as well as a very active producer and writer during Tucson’s bustling local scene in the 1960s. It was my first attempt at live radio as host and engineer and the show proved to be a battleground of train-wrecks. It’s a good thing that not many heard it and that it wasn’t podcasted. Now that the show listener-ship is up by huge percentage points (thanks to all 72 of you) we are going to give it another shot – this Wednesday, 11/7 at 3-5 pm. Tune in for informative banter, radio commercials and a stack of awesome vinyl featuring the 1960s Tucson Sound! If you miss it, we’ll post a podcast on this site shortly after!


Written by Dionysus Records