San Diego CityBeat Cover Art by Dave of The Creepy Creeps!

Congratulations to tattooist, Creepy Creeps and Creepxotica guitarist Dave Warshaw who’s intricate ballpoint pen on wood art has made the cover of the August 15th issue of his hometown weekly, The San Diego City Beat! Perfect timing too what with Tiki Oais starting on the 16th!

Dionysus Digital Sampler Album in Tiki Oasis VIP Gift Bags!

This year’s Tiki Oasis VIP Gift Bag (handed out upon check-in at The Crowne Plaza Hotel and limited to 500) will contain this postcard which has a unique download code for the free 14 song TOP SECRET DIONYSUS RECORDS SAMPLER, featuring tracks from Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited, The Martini Kings, Orchestra Superstring, Kava Kon, Robert Drasnin, Creepxotica, Skip Heller, Jerry Sun, The Creepy Creeps, The Satelliters, The Creatures of the Golden Dawn, Redondo Beat, and Ruby Dee and The Snakehandlers. About a week after the event ends, we will be sticking these in all Dionysus Mail-Order packages until we run out.

8/15: Martini Kings Pre Tiki Oasis Show on LuxuriaMusic

This Wednesday, August 15 – tune in to Lee Joseph’s “Over Under Sideways Down” on for a special show featuring Tony Marsico of The Martini Kings who will be playing the Tiki Oasis main stage – Friday, August 17 at 6:40. Lee and Tony will discuss Mission: Tiki Oasis 12, The Martini Kings, their new Dionysus Records release “Palm Springs Serenade,” their new self-released CD and back catalog, and some of Tony’s fabulous history playing music with the likes of The Plugz, The Cruzados, Bob Dylan, and others!

8/11: The 5th Annual Surf Guitar 101 Festival!

Machine gun staccato guitars drenched in dripping reverb, twangy plunk, bouncing bass, driving, tribal drums………most are unaware that the musical genre known as “Surf” that was catapulted onto the radar of modern pop-culture by Pulp Fiction has evolved and developed into a full-blown sub-culture with fanatic followers, complete with its own online ground zero, a website called (what else?)

Playlist and Podcast for Over Under Sideways Down #5 Freakout

Here is the playlist and a podcast link from episode five of my “Over Under Sideways Down” show on This show featured freakbeat, psych and heavy sounds, which may freak some of my dedicated garage and lounge friends out.

In my late childhood, I loved what was then called “underground” music (along with bubblegum and other styles you could hear on the radio at the time) and owned records by Hendrix, Blue Cheer and others… I came of age a stoner kid in the early ’70s and even through punk, the garage/psych and lounge/exotica revivals, I never lost my taste for, nor got rid of my albums from the late ’60s and early ’70s. I have and continue to add to my knowledge of the first “stoner-rock” era and was especially delighted with the Decca, Vertigo and Island CD box sets released a few years back.

Mixing up freakbeat, psych and stoner sounds worked for my ears and I will probably do another set like this soon as I only scratched the surface on this show.

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