4/9: Chris Ashford on OUSD, LuxuriaMusic

What, Iloke and Wondercap Records legend Chris Ashford guests on OUSD, LuxuriaMusic.com with your host Lee Joseph

Over 30 years ago, Chris Ashford released a single by his high school pals, The Germs. That single, “Forming” b/w “Sex Boy” is now widely recognized as the first Los Angeles indie punk release. In the past three decades, Chris has released legendary punk records by The Controllers, The Dils, The Skulls and others on his What Records label, the first extensive Bel-Airs reissue as well as surf revival records on his Iloke label and now Chris is exploring the jazz world on his Wondercap label. Expect to hear many of Chris’ releases as well as numerous stories about the early LA punk scene and what he is up to today!


Chris has worked with Dionysus on numerous releases and has always been a friend of mine and the label, I am looking forward to spending two hours with him and sharing with listeners!

Photo courtesy of www.breakmyface.com/



Written by Dionysus Records