5/2: DJ Lee at Midnight Spirographs event Downtown LA

Midnight Spirographs

This Sunday, May 2nd at Lost Souls Cafe! midnight spirographs is pleased to announce that upcoming events will be held in various locations in downtown Los Angeles! The May 2nd event will be held at Lost Souls Cafe and will feature artwork by Micah McKinley and Jennifer Dowland, photography by rEfection_b and music by in house DJ Logarithm and guest DJ Lee of Dionysus Records. Lost Souls Cafe will give happy hour discounts to all Midnight Spirographs attendees!

DATE: Sunday, MAY 2, 2010

LOCATION: LOST SOULS CAFE – 124 West 4th Street (in the alley)

TIME: 6 – 10.00 PM

Midnight Spirographs website: http://www.midnightspirographs.com

Midnight Mission info: http://www.midnightmission.org/

Suggested donation: $5 (and toilet paper donations are also encouraged) ALL OF THE PROCEEDS WILL GO TO THE MIDNIGHT MISSION. The next midnight spirographs will be held at the Hi-Lite artist collective in downtown Los Angels. For you artists out there looking for a studio space, there is one studio/creative office space available for May 1 it’s $450/300 s.f. Check out their website and contact either Sam or Billy if you are interested! http://thehi-lite.com/ See you Sunday!

Written by Dionysus Records