7/3: YES LA! All Early LA/SF Punk on OUSD – LuxuriaMusic

Tune in to LuxuriaMusic.com for Over Under Sideways Down on Wed. July 3, from 3-5 PM Pacific for YES L.A.! featuring a full two-hours of early Los Angeles and San Francisco Punk with your host Lee Joseph and in-studio guest Lisa Fancher of Frontier Records. We’ll be bringing in a stack of original 45s as well as some reissues from Bacchus Archives and Frontier Record,s and will be celebrating of the re-release of the legendary one-sided silkscreen Dangerhouse Records compilation, Yes L.A. on its 35th birthday! The compilation features tracks by The Bags, The Eyes, The Alleycats, X, Black Randy, and The Germs which were all exclusive to the comp at the time of its’ release.


OUSD_7_3_13 copy

In the late ’70s, Dangerhouse Records–that most legendary of punk rock labels–released a handful of indispensable 7-inches and two 12-inches: records that everyone knows, worships and collects. One of the 12-inches was Black Randy’s Pass the Dust, I Think I’m Bowie, and the other, released in 1979, was the one-sided, six-song, silkscreened picture EP, Yes LA.

The title was a take-off on the seminal No Wave compilation album released a year earlier, No New York, and the Dangerhouse kids even went so far as to include the disclaimer “Not produced by Brian Eno” on the record. The original was limited to 2,000 copies, every one screened by hand and packaged in a clear bag with a white cardboard backing . Frontier Records (with the help of the meticulous Cliff and company at The Factory) has taken great pains to reproduce every detail of the original, from the ink to the bag and cardboard, right down to custom-cut mylar seals for the flap (check out these photos of the “making-of”). Still, there are a couple of difference, but we’ll let you discover them for yourself.

34 years out-of-print, originals of Yes LA have sold for $250 and up. Now you can get your own copy of this fabled LA punk classic and put the gougers out of business! THREE COLOR VARIATIONS AVAILABLE IN THE DIONYSUS RECORDS CART (orders will ship on July 5).

Written by Dionysus Records