The Art of Dee Dee Ramone
A Birthday Memorial Show

September 18 – 26
Opening Reception: Saturday,September 18th, 8-11 pm

La Luz de Jesus Gallery
4633 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90027

Dee Dee Ramone will forever be an enigmatic punk rock icon. While m ost are familiar with his musical legacy as a founding member and songwriter in the world famous Ramones, many are less aware of his talent for art and painting. Like Dee Dee, the work is rebellious, dynamic, eccentric and comedic. We have assembled an exhibition of over thirty original pieces, -many of which will be displayed for the very first time at this extraordinar y event sanctioned by Dee Dee’s Estate to honor the rock legend.

Rare, vintage images of Dee Dee have been cherry-picked from the critically acclaimed, Jenny Lens Photo Archive and will be available for purchase as oversized, signed, numbered, museum quality prints. Hailed as the most published first-wave west coast punk photographer in the history of the movement, Jenny will share her experie nces with the Ramones at the opening night reception, specifically citing Dee Dee as the reason she picked up a camera initiating her prolific body of work from 1976-1980.

We’re also proud to debut a special Limited Edition commemorative archival lithograph featuring one of Dee Dee’s quintessential self-portraits “Dee Dee Ramone: The Blue Dragon”.

Admission to the exhibition is free and open to the general public. A portion of net proceeds from the sale of lithographs and photo prints will benefit the LA Regional Food bank via donation in Dee Dee’s name.

Barbara Ramone-Zampini; wife of the late seminal punk legend and longtime collaborator in his solo career in both music and art explains: “It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to share these rare works with fans to fully appreciate in person. Dee Dee’s spirit truly lives in these paintings and when you experience them up close, its very o bvious. He always talked about helping children & gave to the homeless all the time. Dee Dee was very generous, more than most will ever know. I think he’d be really proud that he continues to help people today through his art.”

This special birthday memorial will celebrate the many facets of Dee Dee Ramone, and special guests will reflect on the man, his music, and an eclectic life of artistic fulfillment.

Written by Dionysus Records