A very peculiar looking logo on a vacuum cleaner spotted in Los Feliz

Last Thursday a few people migrated to El Chavo on the Los Feliz / Silver Lake border after Lina Lecaro’s “Los Angeles’s Best Dive Bars” book signing at La Luz de Jesus Gallery. On the way back to my car, parked on Sunset near the gallery, I was waiting for the light at Hillhurst to turn green when I looked in the window of a vacuum cleaner store next to the Good Luck Bar – a sparkly gold vacuum cleaner in the window caught my eye and upon further examination I noticed the machine’s  “Privilege” logo (interesting name for a vacuum cleaner) looked really familiar. Have a look for yourself. The Royal company should give Dionysus Records a vacuum!

Dionysus Records logo by Dave Stuckey was originally designed for the Big Sandy “Don’t Desert Me” single released way back when. This logo design has, and continues to appear on almost every Dionysus release since.

Written by Dionysus Records