Artist Jerico Woggon and his Downtown Los Angeles Cocktail Party

We’ve recently become friends with Jerico Woggon and paid a visit to his Downtown Los Angeles studio where we snapped several photos of his work area and the amazing view from his windows and roof. Here Jerico puts together his cocktail and blacklight art. Double click the slideshow to fullscreen!


Jerico Woggon is a painter, installation artist and creative event producer. Jerico’s inspirations include  the art of his grandfather, Bill Woggon (creator of the 1945 Archie comic book supermodel Katy Keene) and Southern California custom car culture. He was introduced to Led Zeppelin and The Doors before learning to walk and spent his childhood eating health food, surfing and skateboarding every day.  A leftover 1960s blacklight became his teenage “light at the end of the tunnel” which inspired him to play around with blacklight paint in the mid-80s. In the year 2000, Jerico created “The Year Of The Snake” which was 138 feet of blacklight art on canvas. In 2003, Jerico expanded the piece to 400 feet which was installed at the Coachella Music Festival. Jerico has also installed art at Burning Man, and numerous other art festivals. Jerico holds the #1 spot on Google for ‘blacklight art’ and is the 2010 feature window artist at Bert Green Fine Art on 5th and Main Street in Downtown Los Angeles.

“Being inside creation, that is the driving force. I create art installations that infuse the environment with vibrant colors, fashion and dance. The work seeks to bring you an energy that is created by the moment and for the moment. I want to create a space where you can have it all: good friends and beauty all around.” Jerico Woggon.

This coming Saturday February 27, Jerico will be throwing a Downtown LA Cocktail / Art Party. Jerico’s vision is to create an atmosphere where the past meets the present, future meets the past and old meets the new. This is the second in a series of monthly art concept cocktail parties in Downtown Los Angeles for 2010. Come on down and meet the fun spirits of the New Downtown Los Angeles Renaissance Cocktail Nightlife for a Swinging Shindig full of special surprises and good times.

Jerico’s Downtown LA Cocktail Party #2:
Ode to the Lounge Lizard – A Cocktail Napkin Art Invitational

Saturday, February 27, 2010
8pm- 2am

e3rd Steakhouse Lounge
734 E. 3rd Street
Downtown Los Angles Arts District 90013
Tel: 213.680.3003

Cocktail Party Post Card

Following up on “Cocktails & Art Party #1: Ode to the Rat Pack,” Jerico Woggon presents his second monthly art event of the year “Ode to the Lounge Lizard – A Cocktail Napkin Art Invitational.” Guests are invited to create a work of art on a cocktail napkin using art materials provided by the house. Each napkin will be exhibited on the lounge wall, and each guest can trade, sell or take the art home. The mixer is designed to get artists out of their studios and into the cocktail lounge atmosphere.

Emmeric Konrad, e3rd resident artist, will be live painting to music by DJ Dan Moses and DJ Lee Joseph (former resident DJ at Bigfoot Lodge) – masters in their craft of 50’s and 60’s lounge-genre – while VJ Terry Ellsworth presents visuals inspired by the swinging 60’s burlesque. In the patio, Blacklight Artist Jerico Woggon illuminates the scene with his Minimalist modern installation.

Live Music ” The Ladies of Lounge” featuring
Alicyn Packard
Tawny Ellis
Anna Broome
Marissa Gomez

Lounge Lizard: A person who frequents relaxing retreats that provide necessary libations and entertainment. Just as lizards lay on a rock to bask in the rays, you will be musically transported to your place in the sun while soaking up the Tequila Sunrise. Put on your cocktail-night-on-the-town-best and join us in the FUN!!! Cocktail Attire Encouraged: Lounge Lizards and Lizardettes are encouraged to dress up! “Men put on a tie, ladies dawn a cocktail dress for this Art-Cocktail-Lounge-Social Event!

Admission: $10 donation. $5 with a recession story of 75-100 words, written prior or at the door.
THE RECESSION CONFESSIONAL is an easy way to save 5 bucks, step into the booth and tell us your hard luck story. Written stories will be read by the patio host throughout the course of the evening. Guests who dress up as a lizard, complete with tail and face make-up to get in for “Free.”

On May 13th, Jerico will have an installation at the Museum Of Neon Art’s “California Surf” which brings you into the curl of a wave which surfers call a “Tube Ride.”

Jerico Woggon’s website:

Photos of Jerico’s studio by Terre Bozem and Lee Joseph, photos of Jerico’s art installations courtesy of the artist.

Written by Dionysus Records