Dig That Crazy Dionysus Beat
01 Jan 1970 |

The Creepy Creeps

San Diego’s beloved Creepy Creeps’ guitar warbles and chirps and resonates with pure punk static. The drums are solid firecrackers, and the keyboards are vintage and electronic. The group has both go-go dancers as well as a pair of male croup-rousers. While wearing Creepy Creeps chic (mariachi outfits, caveman drag, gorilla masks or spacesuits), the band likes to get a rise out of its fans. “We heckle them,” says guitarist Dave “Creepture” Warshaw. “Every time we play, we explain that this is a dance party. Usually no one dances at the beginning of the show, but by the end everyone goes nuts. Their records, like their live shows, are like miniature atomic explosions.

In October of 2013, coinciding with their 10th anniversary, the group won Best Live Performer at the 2013 San Diego Music Awards, without asking one single person to vote for them!

In 2011, Robert Plant (yes THAT Robert Plant) was in San Diego and happened to be at a club where The Creepy Creeps were performing – he absolutely loved them and ended up booking them to open his Southern California Band of Joy dates that year.

Group members: Dr. Creepenstein: Guitar (acoustic), Guitar (electric), Keyboards, Vocals;  Creepula: Guitar (acoustic),Guitar (electric), Vocals;  Dia de los Creep: Bass guitar