Dig That Crazy Dionysus Beat
01 Jan 1970 |

The Satelliters

The Satelliters
Garage, Psychedelic

Inspired by their love for 50’s B-movies, German (Frankfurt/Darmstadt, Hessen) group The Satelliters started in 1993 with a nasty romp of drunken, three-chord garage punk with the intentions of “freaking people out.” Accompanied by their ski-masked stage presence, the band’s debut full-length Hi Karate was released in 1996 on Dionysus Records. The masks were later shed but their fuzz-ladened garage/psych music continues to freak people out. Continuing to add to their overflowing catalog of psychedelic 60’s garage rock, Dionysus released Wylde Knights of Action in 1997, Shake, Shake, Shake in 1998, Sexplosive in 2001, Hashish in 2005,The Satelliters’ self-titled EP in 2006, Where Do We Go? in 2007, a US reissue of the German only Screaming Apple release “What’s Up with Timothy Dee” in 2014 and More Of The Satelliters in 2014.