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01 Jan 1970 |

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60s garage, surf, trash, psych + more from Asia

We’d like to inform you of two new left-of-center compilations of ’60s Asian garage, surf, psych and more, available from our shopping cart:

Various Artists – Chinese Rocks LP only – pressing of 500 on yellow opaque vinyl. Click here to order
Like the old saying “digging a hole to China.” insatiable record collectors go through stages, digging deeper & deeper to find the next unknown treasure. Collectors of garage/trash 50’s & 60’s oddities have grown in recent years like a wild fungus & many vinyl mysteries have been solved only to open new ones. Looking to the east we have indeed literally dug a hole to a 60’s Singapore & Malaysian weirdsville, represented here by a family style nightmare of rickshaw crashing left of center wild rockers that would never make it onto even a collectors compilation of this sort. Everything from wild surf to Trashmen styled thud to almost Shaggs ineptitude/beauty to garage pounders & even a retarded psychedelic comedy track, put this record on & drown in the delightful soy sauce vinyl insanity that is Chinese Rocks!
The Stylers – Hey! Hey! Hey!
The Siglaps – Hey Girl
The Quests – Ding Dong Twist
Johnny Tan – Shakin’ All Over
Bakar Hamid & The Hawks – Div-Kav-Tetap Ku Kenang
The Thunderbirds – Call My Name
Shao Fong Fong – I Love A Go Go
The Hi-Fi Twins & The Kings – Papa Oom Mow Mow
Blue Lake Combo – Bombora
The Steps – Steps Theme
S. Suri & Les Sea King – Svasana Ala
The Fabulous Falcons – Midnight Express
The Saints – ???
The Hi Fi Twins & The Kings – Lies
Helen Velv & The Silverstones – Hot Pants
The Quests – Pop Inn Theme

Various ArtistsLet’s A Go-Go CD only. Click here to order

Singapore and Southeast Asian Pop Scene 1964 – 1969 featuring Rita Chao, Dara Puspita, The Bees, Patrina, Hai Fei, The Dee Tees, The Crescendos, Leroy Lindsay wiht The Mysterians, Rock Teoh, The Blue Beats, Charlie and his Go-Go Boys, M. Ishak Dengan Five-55, The Quests, S.K. Pauline, Betty Chung, Logus Liew, Orkes Tropicano, Ismail Haron & The Guys, Teresa Khoo, The Spacemen, The Mysterians and The Tones. Plenty of that surfy exotic guitar that is the signature sound of these records!

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July 11th, 2010

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