Book reading

12/8: Cults, Shamanic Gardening, ’60s French Girls – Feral House!

4th Annual FERAL HOUSE / PROCESS MEDIA WINTER SOLSTICE CELEBRATION Book Release, Signing and Sale – Saturday, Dec 8, 2012 7-10 PM Drink & Snack … Read more

12/10: Feral House / Process Media Winter Solstice at La Luz

La Luz de Jesus and Soap Plant/Wacko presents their third annual Feral House – Process Media Winter Solstice Celebration featuring Maja D’Aoust and Adam Parfry, co-authors of “Secret Source: The Law of Attraction and its Hermetic Influence Throughout the Ages,” Jodi Wille who just completed her amazing “Source Family” documentary, Martin Olson author of “The Encyclopedia of Hell,” famed illustrator/cartoonist Tony Millionaire, Erik Knutzen author of “Urban Homestead,” Sean Tejaratchi of “Craphound” fame, Mel Gordon will be showing a clip from a ’30s film on black sex magic and Eban Schletter who will fill the gallery with the sounds of his Theremin and sign his Christmas CD.

Video from Alice Bag’s “Violence Girl’ event at La Luz de Jesus 10/11

When I found out that Los Angeles punk rock legend, and personal friend, Alice Bag was about to have her first book titled “Violence Girl” published (by the always amazing Feral House) I asked her along with photographer and friend Dawn Wirth who had just released a book of Bags photos taken at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in 1978 to do a double book signing event at La Luz de Jesus Gallery. I also suggested that Alice play some songs on acoustic guitar and that I’d love to play bass with her. Alice made it out to Los Angeles from her home in Phoenix AZ and the night before the event we rehearsed three songs along with Lysa Flores to be included in Alice’s reading. The event surpassed my expectations by double with a full gallery and store. After the reading and performance a huge line formed which wrapped around the gallery and into the back room of the store with people who bought Alice and Dawns books wanting to get them signed and say “hello.”

This evening! “Topless Summer Girls” extravaganza at La Luz de Jesus

“Topless Summer Love Girls” is a zany, pop culture commentary on growing up male in the era of Playboy, feminism, and swimsuit editions. Arming men with new insights into themselves and the eternal battle between the sexes, this hilarious and sexy book filled with hundreds of titillating photos of half-naked women is a passionate and unapologetic examination of men, women, and breasts. Come join author Leslie Cabaraga – and enjoy live Western Swing music from Will Ryan and the Cactus County Cowboys – see the Controversial Port-O-Bra and burlesque by Eliza Bane plus free beer and margaritas!

11/27: Joe Sorren signs “Painting – Sculpture 2004 – 2010” at La Luz Gallery

Joe Sorren’s oil paintings redefine traditional naturalist scenery such as caves, reefs, and seashores, inserting a surreal mood through soft but eerie imagery, thick Impressionist- inspired brushstrokes, and childlike, yet animalistic, figures caught in mid-motion. The new gothic sentiment is subtly imbued in pale hued paintings that feature organic and distorted forms with exaggerated heads springing out of gelatinous blobs. Although the subjects are often childlike, the postures and weariness betray adult maturity, drawing a fine line between the vulnerable and precocious.

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