7/18: An All French ’60s Music Show on LuxuriaMusic.com

This Wednesday, July 18 at 3pm – 5pm Pacific, tune in LuxuriaMusic.com’s “Over Under Sideways Down” as your host Lee Joseph and his guest translator Mimi Me-Me present an all French show featuring French Pop, Ye Ye, Rock and Psychedelic tracks by Dani, Clothilde, France Gall, Serge Gainsbourg, Brigitte Bardot, Jacques Dutronc, Karen Bessy, Henri Salvador, Petula Clark, Les Charlots, Stone, Jacqueline Taieb, Shelia, 5 Gentlemen, Michael Polornoff and many more including a French Canadian set! A podcast will post on LuxuraMusic’s Facebook page shortly after the show ends – come back to the Dionysus blog for a podcast link and play-list!

Over Under Sideways Down: Summer and Surf Spectacular Podcast

As aired on Luxuira Music.com June 20th, 2012 on Over Under Sideways Down with your host Lee Joseph (feeling the effects of sleep deprivation) The First Day of Summer and Surf Spectacular show is available to listen to or download! Click here for Podcast     PLAYLIST SONGS OF SUMMER SET The Jamies Summertime Summertime … Read more

Robert Dransnin on Luxuria July 4 and LuxuriaMusic Summer T-Shirts!

Tune in to this week’s Over Under Sideways Down on LuxuriaMusic.com. Show host Lee Joseph will feature special guest, the legendary Robert Drasnin. Though known by many exotica fans from the mid-90s reissue of his previously obscure 1960 Voodoo release (also known as Percussion Exotique,) Robert has had a long career as a jazz musician, … Read more

“Over Under Sideways Down” on LuxuriaMusic.com Debuts in June

with your host Lee Joseph
The first and third Wednesdays of the month
3 pm – 5 pm Pacific on LuxuriaMusic.com Internet radio

Intoxica 1/1/10/12 Podcast with Dionysus’ Lee Joseph avalible now

Click Here to play or download a podcast of Howie Pyro’s LuxuriaMusic.com Internet radio show “Intoxica” which aired on 1/10/12 and featured me as special guest – with a stack of garage, surf and instro insanity plus a set of trashy and wild South American 45s spanning the late ’60s through the early ’70s -it was quite a show!

1/10 – Howie Pyro invites your pal Lee back to his Intoxica show

Howie Pyro has asked me back to his INTOXICA show for a third time – I’ll be bringing a box of garage, surf, pysch and weirdo 45s with an accent on fabulously trashy South American (mostly Peruvian) records from the ’60s! Listen Live via the Luxuria.com website on your computer and smart-ass phone – sign up to the Luxuria.com website and post your snide, rude and nearly funny remarks in the chat room! OR – download the podcast when ready!

Tiki Oasis 11 – the best one yet! Some words and lots of video

Another Tiki Oasis has come and gone. Having been to all 11 Tiki Oasis weekenders, I can without a doubt say that this year’s event was in many ways better than the previous 10, (and that my friends is not an easy accomplishment) especially the music – not that any Tiki Oasis ever had below par music, they’ve ALL been marvelous but this one was that much more over the top

Luxuria Music Needs Your Help to Survive

Reposted from the LuxuriaMusic.com site:
Luxuria needs your help to survive and thrive!
For eleven years, Luxuriamusic has provided YOU PERSONALLY with a seductive variety of international music, chat, and interweb bonding. it’s our pleasure to do this, but it doesn’t come cheap. (Click Read More below to read more, or just click here to go straight to the Donate page.)

Podcast – “Intoxica” radio show 1/11/11 LuxuriaMusic

Here is the podcast from the insanity that is Howie Pyro’s “Intoxica” radio show on Luxuria Music.com – this particular show featured special guest Lee Joseph from Dionysus Records who brought in a random stack of rock ‘n’ roll, girl group, surf, instro and other crazy 45s from the 50s & 60s.
Click here to download!

Howie Pyro’s “Intoxica” on LuxuriaMusic with guest Lee from Dionysus

This Tuesday at 9pm Pacific, tune in to Howie Pyro’s “Intoxica” Radio on LuxiuraMusic for an evening of 45 RPM insanity . This week’s special guest Lee Joseph from Dionysus Records will be joining Howie with a random stack of killer wax and banter with the host and chat room!

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