San Diego CityBeat Cover Art by Dave of The Creepy Creeps!

Congratulations to tattooist, Creepy Creeps and Creepxotica guitarist Dave Warshaw who’s intricate ballpoint pen on wood art has made the cover of the August 15th issue of his hometown weekly, The San Diego City Beat! Perfect timing too what with Tiki Oais starting on the 16th!

Urban Taxidermy – The Art of Dave Warshaw Video Documentary

Based out of Avalon Tattoo 2 in San Diego Dave Warshaw is quickly making a name for himself. Here’s an insider’s look at Dave outside of his daytime world of tattooing. Several friends and collegues express their insight about Dave as an artist. But it doesn’t stop there, he’s a member of The Creepy Creeps and quite the collector of sorts…take a look!

Tiki Oasis 11 – the best one yet! Some words and lots of video

Another Tiki Oasis has come and gone. Having been to all 11 Tiki Oasis weekenders, I can without a doubt say that this year’s event was in many ways better than the previous 10, (and that my friends is not an easy accomplishment) especially the music – not that any Tiki Oasis ever had below par music, they’ve ALL been marvelous but this one was that much more over the top

The Creepy Creeps and Robert Plant – together at last!

Robert Plant saw The Creepy Creeps perform and loved ’em. OK so we know a lot of garage and punk fans don’t like Zep but no matter what you think of his old band, he does have pretty good taste in music – – thus he asked the legendary Creepy Creeps to open two Southern … Read more

Video: The Martini Kings live at Tiki Oasis 10

Live footage from “Tiki Oasis 10” featuring The Martini Kings whos 10 + CDs can all be found in the Dionysus Mail-Order shop, with guest singer Sonny Moon of Nutty, whos CD we also stock plus guest stage crashers Crazy Al Evans whos band Ape can also be found in our cart, plus Marina the Fire Eating Mermaid who does not have a CD but can be found (along with all the above and more) in the “Tikimentary” DVD, also in our online shop! Footage captured and edited by Crystal Cove Media! Wonderful….

9/24: The Woggles and The Creepy Creeps in San Diego

The Woggles and The Creepy Creeps in San Diego! Friday Sept.  24th Tower Bar 4757 University Ave San Diego, CA Tony the Tyger presents an exclusive performance from Atlanta, Georgia’s Woggles who will play a manic non-stop garage-soul set that will keep you shaking all night long. Opening the set will be local heroes on … Read more

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