Dig That Crazy Dionysus Beat
01 Jan 1970 |

Atwater Village

Howie Pyro’s “Intoxica” on LuxuriaMusic with guest Lee from Dionysus

This Tuesday at 9pm Pacific, tune in to Howie Pyro’s “Intoxica” Radio on LuxiuraMusic for an evening of 45 RPM insanity featuring  ‘60s garage, surf, psych, retarded lounge losers, crazy Asian a go-go, rockabilly, monster music, psycho soul, freaky funk, soundtracks, not-so-psychedelic songs about LSD, voodoo R&B, girl-groups and other world nonsense. This week’s special guest Lee Joseph from Dionysus Records will be joining Howie with a random stack of killer wax and banter with the host and chat room!

Dionysus Records

January 8th, 2011

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