Jeff Chenault brings you The Beachcomber Trio at The Kahiki 1965

The Beachcomber Trio “Live at the Kahiki 1965”

Bacchus Archives BA11109
LP only, hand-numbered edition of 500 with digital download coupon included. Click here to order.

Experience an exotic evening at the famous Kahiki Supper Club, a legendary and now defunct “Tiki Temple” in Columbus Ohio with The Beachcomber Trio, the house band who filled the restaurant’s Music Bar with a unique Latin Jazz/Hawaiian/Lounge hybrid. Like many restaurant albums released in the ‘60s, this recording brings back the excitement of a small live audience with cocktails in hand and even includes the sound of the bar’s waterfall adding to the unique environmental experience. Listen now to the sound of a night out inside of the greatest Polynesian restaurants in the world.  This previously unreleased tape was for years in the possession of trio leader Marsh Padilla and recently presented to exotica musicologist Jeff Chenault who put the release together for Bacchus Archives. This is a strictly limited edition of 500 on vinyl LP which comes with a digital download code. The mastering and cutting was done strictly in the analog realm by our pal Len Horowitz at HRS (History of Recorded Sound) in Culver City, CA.

Written by Dionysus Records