Jerico’s Downtown Los Angeles Cocktail Party, Saturday, Feb 27

Our artist pal and fixture in the Downtown Los Angeles (and beyond) art and social scene, Jerico Woggon, is putting on a Cocktail Party, Cocktail Napkin Art Invitational and “Ode to the Lounge Lizard” at the e3rd Steakhouse and Lounge on February 27 featuring Dionysus Records’ DJ Lee and DJ Dan Moses of The Dynotones, a blacklight art installation by Jerico and a VJ. Come join us for a night of music, visuals, booze and good people. Dress to impress!

Jerico Woggon has assembled large-scale installation art at Burning Man and many other events, and will be doing this year’s art installations in the window of Bert Green Fine Art on the corner of 5th and Main. Check out his website at

Written by Dionysus Records