New Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited Release + Video!

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited Music from the 6th Floor

New Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited

New Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited release, Music from the 6th Floor

It’s been seven years since the last Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited album was released. On Friday, September 9, a new Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited release will be available! Music from the 6th Floor was written and recorded at their secret lair in a high-rise building somewhere in the foothills of the Jura Mountains. The release contains 14 original and unique tracks will whisk you away into a different dimension full of suspense, romance, and adventure. The album will available on vinyl (first pressing on special color vinyl) with a free digital download code, CD, and digital via iTunes, Amazon, etc.

In conjunction with the new LP release, artist David Diehl has edited a new video for SSSU”Night of the Jaguar” can be found below!

The LP and CD are available from the Dionysus Records mail-order shop as well as various shops and Internet mail-order sites. Dionysus Records is distributed by ILD – Independent Label Distribution

Written by Dionysus Records