Playlist and Podcast for Over Under Sideways Down #5 Freakout

Here is the playlist and a podcast link from episode five of my “Over Under Sideways Down” show on This show featured a mixture of freakbeat, psych and heavy sounds some of which may freak out some of our dedicated garage and lounge friends. I personally love this stuff, and have deep roots here with a childhood fondness for what was called “underground music”  at the time – and coming of age a stoner teen in the early ’70s.

This show only scratched the surface so expect more in the near future!

Note that the playlist  below contains specifics on what source was used for the music played during the show so you can geek out. CHECK OUT THE PODCAST AT THIS LINK.

Under Over Sideways Down episode #5
Freakbeat, Psych and Heavies Show
Live Internet Radio Broadcast,,  Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Artist – Song – Label/Source

First Set
Our Patch of Blue – Zoom Zoom Zoom – Warner Bros US 7”
The Syn – 14 Hour Technicolor Dream – Deram UK 7”
The Attack – Any More Than I Do – Decca UK 7”
Don Fardon – I’m Alive – Youngblood UK 7”
The Boston Tea Party – We Have Already Died – Flick Disc LP
Lincoln St Exit – Sunny Sunday Dream – Psych-Out 7”

Second Set – San Francisco to Texas
Country Joe and the Fish – Silver and Gold – CJ Fish LP Vanguard
Jefferson Airplane – She Has Funny Cars – Surrealistic Pillow RCA mono LP
Grateful Dead – The Golden Road (etc..) – S/T Warner Bros mono LP
Big Brother and The Holding Company – Light is Faster than Sound – S/T Mainstream mono LP
Thirteenth Floor Elevators – Reverberation – International Artists 7”
Sweet Smoke – Morning Dew – Jan-Gi 7”

Third Set – Art and Pych
McGough & McGear – Ex Art Student – S/T Real Gone Music CD reissue (horrid stereo…)
The Creation – Painter Man – Raw Records (yes, the ‘70s UK punk rock label) 7” reissue
Fever Tree – The Man Who Paints The Pictures –  S/T Uni LP
The Misunderstood – Children of the Sun – Fontana UK 7”
The Hook – Son of Fantasy – S/T Unil LP
Rainy Daze – In My Mind Lives A Forest – That Acapulco Gold Uni mono LP
Turquoise – Hello Bill – Arcade 7”
The Riders of the Mark – The Electronic Insides and Metal Complexion that Make Up Herr Dr. Kreig – Open Lid 7” compilation
The New Life – Ha Lese – The Sidehackers Sdtrk – Camaret LP

Fourth Set – Psych Girls
Louise Hubner – Intro/Gods – Seduction through Witchcraft LP Warner Brothers
Saffron – Vision is a Lonely Word – Goddesses in the Sky CD comp
The Models – Bend Me Shape Me – MGM 7”
Judy Henske & Jerry Yester – Snowblind – Straight 7”
Sandie Shaw – Your Time is Gonna Come – Reviewing the Situation CD reissue EMI

Fifth Set – From Paranoid to Heavy
Electric Prunes – You Never had it Better – Lost Dreams LP (not a bad stereo mix!)
The Pretty Things – Defecting Grey – Columbia UK 7”
Leafhound – Freelance Friend – Time Machine Vertigo Retrospective CD box
Coliseum – The Kettle – Time Machine Vertigo Retrospective CD box
Jade Warrior – Borne on the Solar Wind – Time Machine Vertigo Retrospective CD box
Leigh Stephens – Red Weather – Red Weather LP Phillips

Final Set – Faves and Raves
Pink Floyd – See Emily Play – Tower US mono 7”
Jerry Raye & Fenwick – Mindrocker – DeVille 7”
Mickey Finn – Garden of My Mind – Direction 7” repro
Dom Kaller Os Mods – Lee Riders Group – Garageland reissue LP
The instrumental track that was played between each set was Blue Cheer “Magnolia Caboose Babyfinger” from the Outsideinside reissue CD – Phillips

Written by Dionysus Records