RIP Dick Clark – Thanks For The Music!

For most people these days, the name Dick Clark congers up images of New Years Eve – and un-hip Top 40. Some of us who watched American Bandstand and Where The Action Is as often as possible, know different. Dick Clark presented a long list of great bands and artists via his TV shows – from Link Wray to X and all in-between. In my childhood, I watched American Bandstand every week and have memories of coming home from school daily and turning on Where The Action Is which made me want so badly to be a teenager (and made me feel like I was cheated when I was a teen during the ’70s). The image of Blue Cheer playing “Summertime Blues” in front of a stage full of Marshall amps with their long hair swinging from their heads is burned into my brain. Dick Clark booked bands like Love, Captain Beefheart, Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd, The Bubble Puppy, The Music Machine, Blue Cheer, 13th Floor Elevators (both on American Bandstand and Where The Action Is) and many others. Here’s some video:



Written by Dionysus Records