10/2: Doo Wop Heaven on OUSD – LuxuriaMusic.com

On Oct 2, 3-5 PM Pacific, tune in Over Under Sideways Down on LuxuriaMusic.com for two hours of original Doo Wop 45s with your host Lee Joseph and guest Jay Marshak – on his second annual visit to the show! Jay will be bringing in a stack of Doo Wop Wax from groups such as Norman Fox and … Read more

Podcast: Doo-Wop Heaven on LuxuriaMusic

For the seventh episode of my ever changing, un-themed / themed LuxuriaMusic.com Internet radio show “Over Under Sideways Down”, I invited my pal, record collector and East-Coast transplant Jay Marshak to the studio with a couple of boxes of 45s from his incredible collection of Doo-Wop 45s. The result was a very entertaining two hours of sweet East Coast harmonies, rock ‘n’ roll, and lots of stories about Jay’s youth in late ‘50s – early ‘60s Brooklyn. Now I know what “dancing on a dime” means!

9/5: Doo-Wop Heaven on LuxuriaMusic.com

On Wednesday, September 5, tune in to”Over Under Sideways Down” on LuxuriaMusic.com for two hours of Doo-Wop from 45 RPM “rekkids” with my special guest, bona-fide Brooklyn boy Jay Marshak. Expect to hear some heavenly vocal sounds and a bit of background on these records from Jay’s collection!

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