The Dogs “Fed Up” LP ltd repress on white vinyl!

In the late ’70s LA punk scene, Detroit/Los Angeles transplants The Dogs were considered too rock for the punks and to punk for the rockers – when their “Slash Your Face” 7″ EP was included on the legendary Killed By Death bootleg in 1987, their stature rose among records collectors with good reason – the band played aggressive  MC5, Stooges, early Alice Cooper inspired motor city rock ‘n’ roll. The original line-up of The Dogs still play shows here and there – if you have a chance, go see them!

Dionysus Records has repressed the Bacchus “Fed Up” LP containing 12 Dogs tracks recorded between 1976 – 1977 and one track recorded in 1987, on white vinyl with a free digital download code in an edition of 500 copies.  Click here to purchase.  The album includes the tracks:

John Rock & Roll Sinclair (Studio Version)         
Sleaze City         
Black Tea         
Younger Point Of View         
Fed Up         
Shakin’ All Over         
Tuff Enuff         
Slash Your Face         
Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl         
John Rock & Roll Sinclair (Live Version)         
Years Gone By         
Dog In The Cathouse

The Dogs blogspot:

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Watch the original line-up of The Dogs play the Masque 30 year anniversary, 2007, The Echoplex in Echo Park, CA

Written by Dionysus Records