Thorazine 2015 West Coast Tour Begins TONIGHT in Los Angeles!

IMG_0721Way back in the 90s, Dionysus Records had a marvelous Philly punk group on its’ Hell Yeah label called Thorazine. We did two LPs and two 7″ with them, and even with the miles between Thorazine and the label – due to their constant touring and a couple of visits to Philly by Dionysus staff, the group, myself and everyone else at label got to spend quite a bit of time together. Those were memorable times for all of us! Thorazine have reformed and are starting their first tour since 1999 right here in Los Angeles!! They are going to be posting here to update us about their tour as it is happening.  Tonight August 14th you can catch them at Cafe Nela at 1906 Cypress Ave, Los Angeles with Symbol Six and God Bless America (Portland) and Author Michael Essington will be signing his new book:BORN FRUSTRATED: A MEMOIR.  9pm 

From Jo-Ann the lead singer of Thorazine:

Touring again after sixteen years is harder and easier all at the same time. The internet was in it’s infancy in the 90’s and booking a show often meant endless long distance phone calls which cost more than local calls.  Now you can message promoters from where ever you are via social media.  It was harder to book because well half the band are parenting of the same two kids.  We all have grown up jobs and responsibilities but we still made it work because we love Thorazine. We love to play and we love to play as much as we can, and as far from home as possible.  It is what the band was founded on, being our very first demo was called, Gettin’ Outta Philly.

This time around I have learned to savor the time with the Thorazine family.  Rehearsals are something we look forward to all week and this tour has become a family vacation to see our far flung people who have stayed in our lives for so many years like Lee and the Dionysus crew and meet new people who have yet to get the intense Thorazine experience.   Symbol Six who we are playing with tonight at Café Nela in Los Angeles were just in Philly two weeks ago and we had a great time at their show. It will be good to see them on their own turf. Really all of this is happening like it is all a dream.  A really good dream I never want to wake up from. See you all out here on the road!




Written by Dionysus Records