Thorazine’s West Coast Tour!

This past year has been a wild ride for Philly rockers Thorazine, who re-emerged onto the hardcore scene after a decade-long hiatus. Like any rebirth, there was lots of kicking and screaming—the best kind. A new rehearsal space introduced the band to a great space where they could road test new material and put a bright shine on their classics. And new bassist Dan Hoover (or just “h00v3r) continued to bring his inventive high-energy style to the band. Rogan and guitarist Elliot Taylor’s two sons were often on hand for weekend rehearsals—because why have the coolest parents ever if you can’t be part of the legend!THORAZINE_tshirt

Lead vocalist Jo-Ann Rogan and Drummer Dallas Cantland were honored to be contributors to Loud! Fast! Philly! (an aural history of the Philadelphia Hardcore Scene). Rogan’s interview for that piece got the band some extra traction with an appearance in MAXIMUMROCKNROLL, where Thorazine was showcased for the first time since the ‘90s. In May 2015, The Runout featured a great interview with Rogan titled “The Rebirth of Thorazine,” where she talks about the band’s re-emergence, the challenges of being a mom in a touring punk band, and the band’s upcoming West Coat Tour (more on those show dates below!).
Thorazine brought their energy back to the studio to record 4 new songs (Boys, Never Gonna Be Alright, Stumble and Fall, and The End). Never Gonna Be Alright appears on Punk Aid 4: Autism Speaking—an international punk compilation on Evacuate Records—with proceeds going to the Autism Science Foundation, promoting continued research into the causes and treatment of autism. The compilation, featuring top punk acts from across the globe, will be released in late 2015.

A sampling of the band’s tracks from the 90s to the present—Stumble and Fall, Unabomber Love, Ignorant, Trophy Girl, and On the Outside—can be heard and downloaded online at Reverbnation. Stumble and Fall, along with Thorazine’s entire back catalog, is available on iTunes. Stay plugged in—a new Thorazine video is planned for late 2015!
Gigging around Philly, Thorazine has appeared at The Fire, North Star Bar, and at Tobacco Avenue in Lancaster, PA. The band kept busy this spring with New York appearances at The Grand Victory in Brooklyn and at Bowery Electric in Manhattan, and kicked off Summer 2015 at the Punk Island festival on June 21st in Staten Island, all of which were huge successes!
Thorazine gets back in the van this summer for an exciting 10-day tour of the West Coast from L.A. to Canada! If you’re near any of these venues, be sure to check them out!

Aug 1 – Tour Kick Off in Philly at The Fire

Aug 14 @ Café Nela in Los Angeles, CA
Aug 15 @ The Stork Club in Oakland, CA

Aug 16 @ The Caravan Lounge in San Jose, CA
Aug 18 @ Club 66 in Ashland, OR

Aug 19 @ Ash Street Saloon in Portland OR
Aug 20 @ El Corazon in Seattle, WA

Aug 21 @ Funky Winkerbeans in Vancouver, BC
Aug 22 @ [venue TBA] in Whistler, BC


You can keep up with the band’s latest dates, releases, and highlights online at, on Facebook at and by following them on Twitter @thorazinephilly

Written by Dionysus Records