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“Cry Of Atlantis: The North Country Scene Volume II ’58-‘67” features cuts from the legendary Rondack Records out of Plattsburgh, New York as well as numerous tracks on the esteemed Melbourne label and a host of independent companies. THE VISTAS, from Burlington, Vermont, deliver British-inspired delirium in the guise of “She Turns Me On” and “Don’t Know” plus a handful of unreleased tracks, including their proposed third single – “No More Time” b/w “I Want You” – that has sat in the can until now! Vermont also antes up stone cold killers by the mythic MOTT’S MEN, THE KON-TAKS, THE CHOSEN FEW and FREDDIE & THE FREELOADERS. Plattsburgh offers unreleased tracks by THE THUNDERBOLTS and THE INMATES. Rondack songs by SHAWN & THESUNNYS, THE TYROS, THE CORVETS and THE PERSUADERS (who are acknowledged on their classic title cut) make their first appearance on CD and LP as well. A true cross-section of a decade, “Cry Of Atlantis: The North Country Scene Volume II ’58-’67” presents rockabilly, instrumentals, garage stompers, ballads, frat rockers and nascent psychedelia, compiled and annotated by Ugly Things’ Will Shade.

-The Rockers    Rock, Rock Rocket Ship    
–The Vistas   I Want A Cadillac    
–Shawn & The Sunnys    The Fisherman    
–The Chosen Few  Get In On Life    
–The Vistas    She Turns Me On    
–The Tyros    Trying To Get To You    
–Mott's Men    She Is So Mean    
–The Vistas    Don't Know    
–Freddie & The Freeloaders    Patty!    
–The Persuaders     Cry Of Atlantis    
–The Vistas   Look Out Hawaii    
–The Kon-Taks    One Of These Days    
–The Corvets   Please Don't Go    
–The Vistas  No More Time    
–Freddie & The Freeloaders    The Octopus Song    
–The Inmates   Drop Your Drawers    
–The Thunderbolts    Wild    
–The Vistas  I Want You


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