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The Creepy Creeps -Fink About It!








The Creepy Creeps know that when it comes to surf rock, it’s no longer enough that you should simply play a guitar. These days, it’s about how weird you can make your guitar sound while remaining inside the boundaries defined by surf and outside of the boundaries defined by the blues-rock guitar pyrotechnics that ultimately pulverized surf rock into oblivion by the mid to late ’60s. The Creepy Creeps’ guitar warbles and chirps and resonates with pure punk static. The drums are solid firecrackers, and the keyboards are vintage and electronic. It is a wonderful sound, both authentic and novel. But the Creeps are revisionists, not pragmatists. They’ve managed to fire up the music with a boatload of their own ideas, not to mention living by a set of their own Rules to Rock. Adorned in Creepy Creeps chic (mariachi outfits, caveman drag, or spacesuits), the band plays an intoxicating concoction of surf mayhem and garage madness! The drunker you get the better they sound, and inebriation is all you can do to keep your bones from dancing right out of your skin. The Creepy Creeps home base is inSan Diego and they have been playing the local surf and garage circuit for a number of years now (including a magnificent set in front of hundreds at Tiki Oasis 2008) and self-releasing their efforts. “Fink About It,” The Creepy Creeps first full-length LP for Dionysus Records, is a supercharged masterpiece.



1. Chicken Creep Nasty
2. Can You Dig It?
3. Fink About It
4. Shanghai Supplies
5. 7 Mau Mao's
6. The Bruser
7. C.C.M.C.
8. Only The Strong Survive
9. Sea Creep
10. The Gooch 

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