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A solid artifact from the psychedelic heyday, this disc features Leary's calm and seductive voice preaching the LSD gospel from his retreat in New York. Bonus tracks include the infamous dinner party attended by Leary and Nixon aide G. Gordon Liddy as well as a height-of-hippie-movement interview with Leary from 1967. WOW!


How SHould Psychedelic Drugs Be Used?
What Are The 5 Levels Of Consciousness-Expansion?
What Are The Sexual Visions Of LSD?
How Long Does The Drug Last?
Are Set And Settings Important?
What Are The Psychedelic Drugs?
Should Anyone Be Allowed To Take LSD?
How Long Does The Drug Last?
Does LSD Cause Hallucinations?
Is LSD Habit-Forming?
What Effects Does The Drug Have?
Do Psychedelic Drugs Pose A Danger?
Does LSD Cause Insanity?
Are There Substitutes Being Sold As LSD?



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