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The Ding Dong Devils - Tassels, Mai-Tais and Mischief


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The Ding Dong Devils play a blend of exotica, garage, surf, rockabilly and hi-fi lounge, featuring instrumentals, and vocal numbers with tongue-in-cheek lyrics about Tiki culture, jungle adventure and exotic cocktails. A hit at the Tiki Oasis 2010 suite 1649 room party! - Cover art by Derel Yanniger!

1. Ding Dong Devils Theme I           
2. Jungle Doctor                 
3. Rob Roy                
4. Ballad of a Taboo Image                 
5. Tassel Hassle             
6. Leopard Man                
7. Theme from "Belly Dancers of Bali Bali"            
8. Sufferin' Bastard                
9. Mai Tais in the Moonlight                
10. I Carry a Tiki Torch for You                 
11. Head Shrinker     2:08            
12. (You Got Me) Stuck Like a Luau Pig                
13. Tiki Boots     1:43             
14. False Idols Put a Curse on You                  
15. Brontosaurus Stomp                
16. Ding Dong Devils Theme II

Product Code: TT001


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