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I Fantomatici - Spaghetti Surf CD


Product Information

I Fantomatici play instro music since 2002. They come from Vicenza, in the north-east of Italy. "Fantomatici" in Italian means "that maybe don’t really exist". But I assure they exist and mix in their compositions surf, beat, rockabilly, easy listening, Italian B movies soundtracks, but also punk and lo-fi. Always with an original, peculiar style. The music reminds of seasides, exotic atmospheres, alien worlds, Italian futurism, spaghetti-western lands, mysterious women. They are young, and sometimes don’t know what they do. But they always do it

1. Riviera Berica 02:18
2. Crockabilly 02:41
3. La Legge Del Dollaro (free) 02:04
4. Banana Beach 02:26
5. Klaus Kinski (free) 01:57
6. Sputnik 02:15
7. Orgasmo Intergalattico 02:18
8. Spaghetti Surf 02:15
9. Il Risveglio Della Mummia 02:29
10. Enterprise 02:16
11. Malasurf 03:09
12. Vicenza Violenza 02:10

Product Code: GC015


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