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Paul Page and his Paradise Music Pacific Paradise LP


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Paul Page and his Paradise Music Pacific Paradise - Double LP with 32 page booklet! Paul Page -- poet, pagan, and playboy of Polynesian pop and Hapa Haole exotica. 

The music on this unusual exotic album, takes you right to the ocean's edge, mingles you with jungle drums and animals, the booming surf, seagulls, and ocean liners in a coral kaleidoscope of sounds. 

Paul Page and his Paradise Music entertained in Polynesian themed restaurants all over Southern California from the late '30s to the mid-60s, then all the way out to the Kona Coast during the late '60s and early '70s. 

The whole time, he kept leaving behind these little independent albums, recorded specifically for the purpose of selling them to the people coming to his small venue shows... which, when you think about it, is basically what all the most-worthy bands to dig do these days, outside the doting eye of the lame record industry. Dude was so ahead of his time! 

Paul Page was a singer, piano player, bandleader, writer/composer, radio, and TV host, artist of oils, professional basketball player, and much more. 

He published many albums during the 1950s-60s and wrote hundreds of songs. 

His story has never previously been told and his original recordings are very rare, in fact some of them are completely unknown and undocumented, and much sought after by collectors. 

Paul Page is really the only one to mix actual, authentic Hawaiian music and other Polynesian and Pacific Ocean influences, with the nomadic feel of the seafaring Anglo working sailor man with a sense of American pop sophistication, based in jazz-age. 

It is his cheerful insistence to employ every known cliché from the Polynesian pop dictionary that makes his stylings so charming to today's tiki lounger. 

Subliminal Sounds now brings you the full Paul Page saga on this comprehensive compilation. 

Includes a 32-page booklet with in-depth liner notes by author and pop historian Domenic Priore, with a foreword by author and urban archeologist Sven Kirsten.

Track Listing:

A1. Pacific Paradise 
A2. China Nights 
A3. When Sam Goes Back To Samoa 
A4. Beyond The Reef 
A5. The Reef Is Calling 
A6. Matey 
A7. Pieces Of Eight 
A8. Ports O' Call 
A9. My Fiji Island Queen 
A10. Castaway 

B1. Bali Hai 
B2. The Big Island Says Aloha 
B3. Sweet Someone 
B4. Leaves From My Grass House 
B5. Chicken Kona Kaai 
B6. Nani Waime 
B7. Ala Wai Blues 
B8. Maui Chimes 
B9. Please Don't Sing Aloha To Me 

C1. Hawaiian Honeymoon 
C2. Blue Lagoon 
C3. Au-We, Wahine 
C4. Pago Pago 
C5. Kissy Ling 
C6. Sakura - Pagoda Bells 
C7. Come Back To Hawaii 
C8. The Sea Is Calling 

D1. Passport To Paradise 
D2. The Big Luau In The Sky 
D3. Mele Of Forgotten Men 
D4. It's All Wicky Wacky In Hawaii 
D5. Pacific Farewell Medley

Product Code: SUB124LP


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