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Serguei - Psicodelico 1966 - 1975 LP


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Sérgio Augusto Bustamante was a flight attendant. He flew by the Southern Cross, Panair and Varig. In the sky, above the clouds, he used to daydream about Elvis. One day, he came down from the heights and he added a "u" to the Russian name Sergei, which he took out from a friend. He put on his  boots and with them he embarked in an exciting trail of Rock’n’ Roll. Like a dreamer, he let emerge in all its fullness the figure of a rebellious, argumentative, naive and, above all, authentic character. His true self, Serguei.

With his colorful clothes, long hair, red contact lenses, and in his hands, the hippies’ flag of peace & love, the anti-commercial Serguei, through several decades, carried on his back the weight of a public image much bigger than the work he was able to produce. Marginalized by option, Serguei tried psychedelia, tropicalism, and even Brazilian folk music without, however, settling down in any musical style.

Between 1966 and 1975, which correspond to his musically bolder period of time, his work materialized erratically through records released sporadically, which succumbed in the presence of the singer’s strong image. Archetype of Keith Richards rocker’s style but without the drugs (for many!), Serguei was just a caricature, whose work was just a prop. "I've never been recognized, few people give me value," he told to the magazine Pop in April 1978.

Despite his short adventure with singer Janis Joplin  (in the summer of 1970 in Rio) has always been the most prominent reason in articles about him, were the records he released between the years 60 and 70 that caught the attention of collectors and of people who have special appreciation for rock produced at that time .. Serguei self named “psychedelic” long before everyone. He sang his hallucinations, found someone from alpha centaur and went in search of peace, from sunrise to sunset. 

You can find his work in compilations like GUITAR FUZZ BANANAS. His music ranges from psychedelic to garage psych with some folk psych tunes. Fuelled in fuzz and arrangements that are typical of genius.

This man, SERGUEI is maybe Brazil's best kept secret in music from the 60's/70's.



1.Burro Cor De Rosa

2.Eu Não Volto Mais 

3.De Sol a Sol

4.Eu Sou Psicodélico




1.Alfa Centauro


3.As Alucinações de Serguei

4.Maria Antonieta Sem Bolinhas

5.Pegue Zé


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