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The Avengers - Be A Cave Man 7" RE


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The Avengers - "Be A Caveman" / "I Told You So" 7"

A delicious reissue - two color repro label!

"Be A Cave Man" is a winner all the way with it's uptempo teen beat groove and 'put down' lyrics...."Be a cave man - keep her in line"...the boys would have the woman's liberation after them these days of course....But who cares? this was 1965 when men were men.

Here's what Gerry Blake said about "Be A Cave Man"

"I'm not sure we even thought about how politically incorrect Caveman was. We just liked the song. It would get people dancing for sure. I don't think the girls thought much about it either. It was a different time back then. It was just music. We weren't dragging any girls behind the stage by the hair. Although some of them might have gone for it! By the way, the "monkey" sounds was one of us trying to make monkey sounds. Didn't cut it. So Gary Paxton just looped it and sped the recording up. I was the Tarzan yell."  


Product Code: MMM005


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