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The Dukes of Hamburg - Bad Side of July LP


Manufacturer: Dionysus Records

Product Information

The Dukes of Hamburg Bad Side of July (Dukes of Earl)

Originally released back in the... what decade was that? This limited repress - has a different label design thank the original for you record geeks! A booger-eatin', half devoted and half contemptuous take on mid-'60s beat by these Bay Area musical thieves, with genuine "**** in your pants" enthusiasm shoved into every minuteand-a-half song. Picture '60s Euro-beat music, done up ultra-frantic, 1000 miles per hour. Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, Ray Charles and the like, as seen through the eyes of mid-'60s Euroteen bands like Casey Jones and The Governers, The Boots, or The Rattles on a coffee overdose that borders on debilitating panic attack. Members include Thilo from the (German) ASTRONAUTS Rusty Quan from The Mummies, Phantom Surfers, Bobbyteens, Count Backwurds, etc. 


1. Can't Judge A Book
2. Balla Balla
3. Dance
4. Oh Baby Doll
5. Shame Shame Shame
6. Hullaballoo
7. Lost Woman
8. Mashed Potatoes
9. Milcow Blues
10. Don't Lie To Me
11. I Just Wanna Make Love
12. Cara Lin

Product Code: ID123377-1


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