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The Exotics - Lost Album CD


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The Exoticsformed in the Winter of 1994 and began their career playing to capacity crowds starting with their very first show. Maybe the surf explosion was fueled by the newly released movie Pulp Fiction, or maybe it was just time for something different in a music scene dominated by long haired hard rockers. The Exotics didn't care why, they were just enjoying the ride. After hitting every possible venue in the Milwaukee metropolitan area, they began playing farther and farther from their home base. They became a regular act at Lee's Liquor Lounge in Minneapolis and played many live music venues in Chicago at eight week intervals. The Exotics continued to play any city that would have them in a ten hour radius. They played gigs with the King of surf music himself, Dick Dale, they also shared the stage many times with surf comrades Los Straitjackets. By far the best musical friendship they formed along the way was with Southern Culture On The Skids, who invited the Exotics to tour with them on three different occasions. The tours included the East coast from Boston to the Carolinas, the Midwest, and a January tour of the state of Florida. Hundreds of gigs, one single and one LP later, the Exotics disbanded at the end of 1999. In 2005 the boys reformed the band and made featured appearances on the long running public radio program “A Prairie Home Companion” with Garrison Keillor and at the festival Chicago Exotica. In 2009 The Exotics unearthed the long lost recordings originally intended as the follow up to their now legendary “Go Go Guitars” LP. This album was shelved for more than ten years and subsequently forgotten during the band's all too long hiatus. That is until now! With their chemistry still intact and their sound stronger than ever, The Exotics are up and running again. Look for their latest release entitled the “Lost Album” and look for The Exotics this summer, when they tour California in August.



Shake, Invaders, Boomerang, One Mint Julep, Spy's Demise, Twangin' Ten, Lonely Girl, Skimpy, Soul Preachers, Theme From Miss Fortune, Shanghai, 20 Fathoms Down, Whipped Cream

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