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The Legendary Stardust Cowboy - Live In Chicago CD


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With his 1968 Billboard top 100 hit "Paralyzed", live appearance on NBC's Laugh-In in 1969 ( A performance which Rolling Stone magazine recently declares "One of the Greatest Moments in Rock and Roll TV), the Legendary Stardust Cowboy has a reputation as one of the wildest, most unique, and down-right weirdest rock and rollers ever!! The "Ledge" has also been the object of fanatical devotion by rockers such as David Bowie (who used the Ledg'es "Stardust" moniker for his own Ziggy Stardust character). And in a recent interview by Tim Steil of the Chicago Tribune, Bowie said "He (LSC) became part of the many inspirations for Ziggy, and I'm proud to say i still play his records to this day". and went on to say, "The Ledge is a true great of American music."

Bughouse Records is proud to bring to you "The Legendary Stardust Cowboy: Live In Chicago!" This rare recording also features the Stardust Cowboy's smokin' backup band which includes guitarist Frank Novicki, drummer Mike Burns, and former Dead Kennedys bassist, Klaus Fluoride. So Look out! cause the Ledge is ready to hit the stage, bugle in hand, ready to entertain the pants off you!


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