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V/A - Burghers Volume One CD


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Reprint of Pennsylvania 60's garage/psych comp that first came out in the early 80's. Incl. Swamp rats, Peter's Pipers, Hides, Fenways, Grains of Sand, Marshmallow Steamshovel, Napoleonic Wars, and The Time Stoppers.

     1. Swamp Rats - No Friend Of Mine
     2. Peters Pipers - I Didn't Believe Her
     3. The Arondies -  69
     4. The Hides -  Don't Be Difficult
     5. Swamp Rats - It's Not Easy
     6. The Fenways -  Be Careful Little Girl
     7. Grains Of Sand - The Castaway Of Capt. Haze
     8. The Marshmellow Steamshovel -  Mr. Mold
     9. The Fantastic Dee-Jays -  Love Is Tuff
     10. Napoleonic Wars - The Singer Not The Song
     11. Peters Pipers - Helping You Out
     12. The Time Stoppers -  I Need Love
     13. Grains Of Sand - Passing Through The Night
     14. The Marshmellow Steamshovel -  Steamshovel
     15. unknown - Mystery Track

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