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V/A: Hearts Of Stone Brasilian 60s Beat Vol 2 LP


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WAREHOUSE FIND! The original issue on FELIX - Another incredible Brasilian 60´s Garage & Beat Collection. 16 more and rare 45´s from the most obscurest labels and bands near the Amazonas. Mix of cool covers and amazing group originals feat tracks by Bubbles, Analfabietles, Beezons, Blackstones, Os Brasas, Jungle Cats, Os Baobas, Beggers, Os Jovens, Renato Y Seus Blue Caps and and and Comes with full colour cover with lotsa pics and cover reprints - detailed liner notes from the Brazil specialist - simply wow! 
1. Os Baobas - Pintada De Predo 
2. The Bubbles - Nao Vou Cortar O Cabelo 
3. Analfabitles - Sunnyside Up 
4. Os Brasas - Nao Va Me Deixar 
5. The Beggers - Slow Down 
6. Os Jovens - Sofrendo Por Amor 
7. The Beezoons - Treat Her Right 
8. The Blackstones - Os Monstros 
1. Analfabitles - Shake 
2. Luizinho E Sus Dinamites - Caranga Twist 
3. The Beezoons - Hey! Good Lookin' 
4. The Jungle Cats - Sapato Novo 
5. Os Brasas - Mulher Reindeira 
6. Renato Y Seus Blue Caps - Negro Gato 
7. The Brazilian Bitles - E Onda 
8. Os Incriveis - Via, Meu Bem 

Product Code: FELIX002


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