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VA Vancouver Complication LP Warehouse Find


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VA - Vancouver Complication double LP - red and black cover, warehouse find, Canadian KBD punk & post punk compilation

Vancouver Complication is a compilation album featuring many influential Vancouver punk bands. It was released in 1979, and has been reissued a number of times with several different cover designs.
Track Listing LP One
"The Marching Song" - performed by Pointed Sticks
"Big Shot" - performed by Exxotone
"Kill, Kill, This is Pop" - performed by D.O.A.
"Fun While It Lasts" - performed by Active Dog
"Wirehead" - performed by Wasted Lives
"Death to the Sickoids" - performed by Subhumans
"U-J3RK5 Work for Police" - performed by U-J3RK5
"Rock and Roll Radio" - performed by Private School
"Mindless Agression" - performed by No Fun
"I Don't Love You" - performed by The Dishrags
"Pork You" - performed by Biz
"Sideways" - performed by Exxotone
"I Hate Music" - performed by The K-Tels
"Nothing Holding You" - performed by Active Dog
"Urban Guerilla" - performed by Subhumans
"New Clientèle" - performed by The Shades
"Quarter to Eight" - performed by Tim Ray and AV
"Naum Gabo" - performed by U-J3RK5
"I Hate You" - performed by DOA
"Old" - performed by No Fun
"[e?]925" - performed by [e?]
Track listing bonus LP
B2–The K-TelsI Hate Music
B3–Active DogNothing Holding You
B4–Subhumans*Urban Guerilla
B5–The Shades (3)New Clientele
B6–Tim Ray & A.V.*Quarter To Eight
B7–U-J3RK5*Naum Gabo
B8–D.O.A. (2)I Hate You
B9–No FunOld
C1–Tim Ray And The DrutsDying In Brooklin
C3–Rude NortonTits On The Beach
C4–Rude NortonSea Cruise
C5–Rude NortonGilligan's Island
C6–Young CanadiansFuck You Society
C7–Young CanadiansBeg, Borrow Or Steal
C8–Young CanadiansPoison Of The Thought
D1–Pointed Sticks*Destitute
D2–Pointed Sticks*American Song
D3–Pointed Sticks*Angeline
D4–ModernettesSurf City Stranglers
D5–ModernettesRebel Kind
D7–ModernettesI Can Only Give You Everything
D8–ModernettesGet Modern
Reissue of the original LP issued in 1979 on Pinned Records + Bonus LP 

Track C6 Live at Gary Taylor's Rock Room "Battle of the bands", July 1979. 
Track C7 Live at North Vancouver High School, early 1980. 
Track C8 Final show at Lotus Gardens Hotel, 13 December 1980. 
Track D4 Unreleased version on vinyl, 1980. 
Track D5 Live at CKVU-TV, 1983. 
Track D6 Final show at Gary Taylor's, 1983. 
Track D7 Live at CKVU-TV, 1983. 
Track D8 Final show at Gary Taylor's, 1983. 
Edition of 1100 copies, hand numbered on back.


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