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V/A - Sons Of Yma CD


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 “Sons of YMA” (YMACD000001): last copies of this out-of-print compilation, at the time of its release one of the first documents of music from Peru. “The title of this compilation refers to Yma Sumac, the Peruvian singer who rose to international fame in the 1950s but disappeared for the most part from the public eye in the 1960s. Interest in her work has increased in recent years with the popularity of lounge/exotica. Other than being from the same country as the bands featured on this compilation, her music has nothing to do with the tracks collected here. “Sons of Yma” shows that teenagers in Latin America were listening to their share of garage and surf music. Only singles tracks were used in this compilation and the sound of the tracks on Sons of Yma is rather consistent—garage rock with a strong surf influence, featuring organ, twangy guitars and heavy on reverb. Many of the tracks on this compilation are instrumentals and some are rewrites of popular songs of the time. Los York’s rewrite Paul Revere and the Raiders' ‘Just Like Me’ as ‘Justo a Mi Gusto,’ and Los Belkings turn the Seeds' ‘Pushin' Too Hard’ into the instrumental ‘Empuyjando Furte.’ While Sons of Yma can be derivative at times, standout tracks like ‘La Ventana’ demonstrate that Latin American garage/surf was a fertile hybrid. All lyrics are in Spanish except ‘No, No, No, No’ by the Los Shains and ‘Destruction’ by Traffic Sound, which are sung in English. The most surprising entry here is Los Comandos fuzz-laden cover of Led Zeppelin's ‘Moby Dick’ (yes, there is a drum solo but it only lasts about a minute). The liner notes are good and it appears that they went to some lengths to get information on as many of the bands as possible. This one is definitely worth seeking out.”

Los Holys - "Sueno Sicodelico" (2:41)
Golden Stars - "Past Verde" (2:26)
Los Doltons - "La Ventana" (2:32)
Los Doltons - "Vision de Otono" (2:35)
Golden Stars - "Angel" (2:55)
Los Shains - "Apache 66" (2:48)
Los Saicos - "Come On" (2:43)
Los Shains - "No, No, No, No" (2:36)
Los Darts - "Pregunto" (3:23)
Los Saicos - "Demolicion" (3:00)
Los Drags - "Necesito Alguien" (2:03)
Los Datsuns - "Popotitos '69" (2:47)
Los Shains - "Tirando Dedo" (3:02)
Los Yorks - "Justo a Mi Gusto" (2:15)
Same People - "Don Nadie Soy" (2:55)
Traffic Sound - "Destruction" (2:36)
Los Yorks - "Solo Estoy" (3:42)
Los Stevios - "G.T.O." (2:27)
Los Holys - "Holys Psicodelicos" (2:19)
Los Holys - "Psicodelico Desconocido" (2:21)
Los Diablos Azules - "Te Quiero" (3:12)
Los Belkings - "Seima Patrulla" (2:15)
Los Belkings - "Empujando Furte" (1:56)
Los Comandos - "Moby Dick" (2:47)

Product Code: YMACD000001


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