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What Records EP 7" reissue Eyes Skulls Controllers


Product Information

Almost exact reissue of this EP (on vinyl though so the dammed thing doesn't wear out.) THIS RECORD CONTAINS THE ORIGINAL MIX OF THE CONTROLLERS "NEUTRON BOMB" UNAVAILABLE SINCE THIS EP WAS RELEASED! Yes, the mix on The Controllers album and the What Stuff LP/CD was an alternate version as the original tape was LOST. Also included are DJ Bonebreak and Charlotte Caffe before they left The Eyes for fame in X and The Go Gos, plus the classic Skulls track "Victims." Another plus here? IT'S ANALOG! The way it was supposed to be heard.
NOTE: Recently inventoried back-stock! Some sleeves have slight blemishes due to long-term shelf storage.

Product Code: BA1187-7


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