Closing party for DJ Lee’s Wed Night residency at Bigfoot Lodge

Closing Party for DJ Lee’s eight plus year Wednesday  night residency at Bigfoot Lodge

Date: Wednesday, December 30, 2009
Time: 10:00 pm – 2:00 am

Bigfoot Lodge, Los Angeles
3172 Los Feliz Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90039-1507
(323) 662-9227

While I spend most of the time singing the praises of others as a visual arts and event publicist, ( and the owner of an independent record label (, I am now going to turn the spotlight on….me!

In August of 2001, Davie Allan and The Arrows, the last real band I was a member of, was asked to do a one month weekly residency at Bigfoot Lodge where I had just started, with Alastair Newberry “A/K/A” Bartender Al, a once-a-month night called “Club 66/77.” At the end of the four weeks, bar owner Bobby Green asked if I’d bring bands in on Wednesday nights, thus started “Live at The Lodge” which lasted through July of 2004. Between the weekly Wednesdays and the once-a-month Club 66/77, I had a blast booking numerous acts such as The Dollyrots, Bang Sugar Bang, Graham Rabbit, The Bolides, The Invisible Men, Greg Ginn, Mike Watt (who wore a real pumpkin on his head during his entire Halloween Night set,) Sky Saxon and The Seeds, The Bonebrake Syncopators (featuring X’s DJ Bonebrake on vibes,) Cowboy Nation (featuring ex Dills – both Kinman Brothers,) the re-formed Gears and The Rotters plus many other luminaries and unknowns. I was also responsible for the reunions and bookings of punk rock legends such as The Dogs, The Controllers (who both played to celebrate the release of their original mid to late ’70s material on my Bacchus Archives label) and an authentic Los Angeles ’60s garage band called The Preachers, who hadn’t played in almost 30 years and filled the bar with their family members, many of whom were not even born when the band was together.

In July of 2004, Bigfoot Lodge discontinued the live nights. Green and I formulated a British pub night called “Club London Calling” (after the Clash song of course) which featured $3 Newcastle and Guinness pint specials and I took over as a DJ. Not content to stay in a particular theme such as ’80s, punk or mod as you might expect from a night like this, I pushed the envelope by spinning music that spanned over four decades, mixing up everything UK from as far back as 1962 and as new as last week including mod, psych, glam, hard rock, Britpop, goth, electronica, garage-rock, ’77 punk and post punk, ska, bubblegum and all else in-between (mostly on vinyl.) It was an experience for the patrons, and myself, as my musical tastes and knowledge expanded in the process. The club also inspired me to revisit a lot of music I hadn’t experienced in a long time. In that five and ½ years, with the exception of a few specialty nights (such as the pre-Tiki Oasis parties with Phast Phreddie Patterson and guests,) I kept it all UK, four hours every week!

At the end of this month, my regular weeknights at Bigfoot Lodge will be coming to a close.  I am fortunate as I can’t think of anyone else in Los Angeles who has had a club residency which lasted that long, (though, of course there is Marty and Elayne at The Dresden Room who’ve been there what, 30 years?) I want to thank my co-worker for the entire time and the guy who opened the doors of the Bigfoot Lodge for me, Alastair Newberry, club owner Bobby Green, bar manager Mark DeSalvo and all at The Bigfoot Lodge and 1933 Group for this long and marvelous residency. I will continue to do publicity work with the 1933 Group bars and will be doing fill-in spots at Bigfoot when the weekend DJs need a night off. I will also continue to do various specialty nights around SOCA as always including my regular spot at the Bullet Mod and Soul Club and the Tiki Oasis event in San Diego.

Once I have my weeknights back, I plan on getting to sleep a little earlier and investing the extra time in my two businesses and anything else I may come up with!

I’ve opted to nix the all UK sets on these last nights and play an even more eccentric mix of rock ‘n’ roll and electronica from all over. Please come by and celebrate this milestone with me.

Thank You for your support. Looking forward to the next chapter!

Lee Joseph
“DJ Lee”
LJP for the Visual Arts
Dionysus Records

Written by Dionysus Records