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Desert Doo Wops Arizona Compilation CD


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30 tracks of Doo Wop rockers and ballads from Arizona. And it's every bit as good as East Coast and West Coast Doo Wop. Artists include The Tads, The Mandells, The Servicemen, La Chords, Leroy Fullylove, The Traditions, The Vice-Roys and many more. This is a great, well-illustrated and informative compilation in digipak and is a real treat from the beginning up to the end. The liner notes are by Dan Nowicki and the whole production and compilation comes from Arizona Music Historian extraordinaire - John Dixon. A 5-star release and a must-have for every 1950s music collector. For more GREAT Arizona Rhythm and Blues / Soul / Doo-Wop, check out our other compilations "Flyin' High" and "Sha Boom Bang". Tracks: Darling (I'm Home) - The Mandells. Bumble Bee - The Tads. Close Your Eyes - The Servicemen. Cry, Cry, Cry - Eddie Dimas and Los Upsets. Hammer Of My Heart - La Chords. I Found Out - Big Dave Moore. I Love You Darlin' - Ron Molina. I Want To Know - Leroy Fullylove and The Buffs. If I Should Love - Glenise and The Statures. Go On And Cry - The El Domingos. Day After Day - Leroy Fullylove. Is It Wrong - La Chords. Just Pretending - The Versatiles. Love Walked Out - The Newlyweds. Forgotten - The Versales with the Torquays. I Don't Have You - The Mandells. Billy Joe - Marie Williams. To Be - La Chords. I'm So Lonely - Leroy Fullylove. My Heart - The Traditions. She Is My Dream - The Tads. Queen Of Fools - The Majestic Five. Need Your Love So Bad - The Vice-Roys. Walk With Me - Celia Marie. Sit Down And Write - La Chords. Me, My Shadow And I - Leroy Fullylove and The Buffs. Who, Me - The Mandells. When We Get Married - The El Domingos. Time Out for Love - Le Chimes. Your Reason - The Tads.


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