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Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - Plays Lost TV Themes


Manufacturer: Dionysus Records

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Dynamic, outlandish and mood altering television scores for shows that don't exist. Perfect for parties, romantic evenings, long drives and adventures in outer-space via electronica created with vintage musical instruments.

Out of print as an LP for over 15 years, Stereophonic Space Sound Unlmited's debut platter, "Plays Lost TV Themes", was originally released on Dr. Dream records on both LP and CD in 1997. When Dr. Dream folded operations a couple of years later, Dionysus Records reissued the CD, but not the LP version of this album.

Even with six full-length albums (including a soundtrack for a movie about Swiss racecar driver Jo Siffert) under their belt, not much is known about this mysterious Swiss electronica duo - not one SSSU photograph exists! But that hasn't stopped them from garnering a legion of fans who love all retro, surf, spy, Henry Mancini, John Barry and electronica from buying and loving the group's music.

The album jacket was designed by artist SHAG before he became famous. The LP was cut at HRS (History of Recorded Sound) on a vintage Scully lathe using a Westrex 2-B stereo cutting head. And - this LP has what is called an eccentric shut-off groove; when the album ends the tonearm is lead to an off-center circle groove (harmless to the stylus) that swings the tonearm back and forth - this was a feature that was common on 78s and pre-1961 albums - it was used to kick in the shutoff or changer mechanisms. Dionysus had HRS cut the record this way because they are record geeks and wanted to take the retro thing a step further...

1. The Bossa Nova Squad
2. Funky Planet (Space Mission No.12)
3. Korla Rides Again
4. The Case (The Bossa Nova Squad)
5. Space Mission Number 12
6. The Organizer: Theme
7. Follow The Duke: Black Cat Mystery
8. Shark Surfin' Girl
9. Revenge Of The Belly Dancer (from Korla Rides Again)
10. Enter The Tiger
11. Follow The Duke
12. Blues For The Organizer

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