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The Astroglides - Sewer Surfing With...CD


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This is a descripton of The Astroglides "Sewer Surfing With..." CD by bandmember Ran taken from the Surf Guitar 101 site:

I mentioned it in the SG101 convention vendor thread, but I think it desreves a mention here. Along with a couple of my ex-bandmates from The Astroglides, we've been working on a collection cd of only the original surfy instrumentals that we wrote. This includes material from all 4 albums (2001-2005) and the CD single. The album contains 20 tracks (19 songs, one has two versions), plus a video clip viewable on your computer. Working on this has been a international cooperation, with the graphic design done in Israel, the re-mastering in Australia, and the manufacturing in the USA.

How come all of a sudden we're releasing a compilation?

The idea for this compliation came from my ex-bandmate Lee-Or, who runs the label Sshaking recordsS in Israel. I think he got really ticked off when one journalist wrote a music review on some mainstream band in Israel, and mentioned that they play surf (not really), and there was never a surf band in Israel. That and the fact that people who actually knew anything about the music scene in Israel kept telling him how The Astroglides were ahead of their time, and were looking for the old albums, gave him the idea to release a compliation. Anyway, I thought it would be suitable for surf fans, that might not have liked the vocal numbers in the albums. Here you get only reverbed instrumentals...

The Sand Devils, The Astroglides

Track listing:Dark Surf, Srab Bush, Turkish Delight, Swerpipe Ride, Shylock Shake, 2003 Horsepower, Rmani Vardo, Crusin' Down Menahem Begin Blvd, Settler GoGo, Shargiva, Omar Shariff Balad, Kabbalah Fucker, The Man with the Golden Reverb, Fanatic Mule Ride, Mystic Sphinxter, Tropically Distrubed, Simahbadoosah, Bat Yam Stomp, Gunslinger 406 Malfunction, Dark Surf

Product Code: Sshaking007


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