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The Space Cossacks - Live Supernova


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The show was recorded on July 10th, 1998. It's the same show where Jon & the Nightriders recorded their phenomenal "Raw And Alive" CD. For whatever insane reason, the Cossacks played after J&tN that night, and since we were using all of their gear, Richard Blair (John's brother) and Jay Hector, who were recording the show, offered to also record us, so why not? We were touring the west coast, starting in Seattle exactly a week before this show, playing pretty much every night, so we were tight and knew the songs inside out. I would venture to say that this was probably the best the Space Cossacks EVER played, and we were incredibly fortunate that exactly this show was captured on tape.

The reason it wasn't released previously is that the band broke up in '00. We thought about releasing it back in '10 during the first brief reunion, but didn't get our act together in time. But given the 20th anniversary not just of the band but also of MuSick Recordings, this seemed like a very opportune time to finally release it. I had been hoping for a long time we could make that happen since I honestly believe all our fans will flip out once they hear this.

MuSick Recordings manufactured a total of 500 of these. Unfortunately, due to the high cost of making these, we'll have to charge $15 per CD, but we really believe it'll be worth it. The CD sounds amazing, with immaculate mastering by Bruce Kane, and the package - designed entirely by Steve Blickenstaff - is simply outstanding! There are liner notes by John Blair, photos from the show, and striking graphics throughout (a 6-panel digipak design). - from the Surf Gutiar 101 website

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