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V/A - Back From The Grave Volume Three CD


Product Information

Another volume of snarling proto-punk garage shockers from bored U.S. teenagers during the '60s. 29 cuts total. This is the original version on CD
The Jesters of Newport: "Stormy" 3:25
The Hentchmen "Livin'" 2:11
Tigermen: "Close that Door" (John Farrell) (2:33)
The Aztex "The Little Streets in My Town" 2:11
Hatfields: "The Kid from Cinncy" 2:25
The Nobles: "Something Else" 2:20
The Shames: "My World Is Upside Down" 2:41
Long John & the Silvermen: "Heart Filled with Love' 2:19
The Keggs: "Girl" 2:11
Beaux Jens: "She Was Mine" 3:12
The Shames: "The Special Ones" 2:27
The Savoys: "Can It Be" 3:08
The Golden Catalinas: "Varsity Club Song" 2:22
Billy & The Kids: "Say You Love Me" 2:13
The Shandels: "Caroline" 2:09
The Shandels: "Mary, Mary" 2:35
The Abandoned "Come on Mary" 2:02
The Treytones: "Nonymous" 2:24
Syndicate: "The Egyptian Thing" 2:13
Tombstones: "I Want You" 2:57
The Moguls: "Another Day" 2:22
The Puddin' Heads: "Now You Say We're Through" 2:01
The Worlocks: "I Love You' 2:46
The Hush Puppies: "Look for Another Love" 2:35
The Bugs: "Slide" 2:11
Syndicate: "My Baby's Barefoot" 2:44
The Bends: "If It's All the Same to You" 2:37
The Hush Pupies: "Hey, Stop Messin' Around" 1:59
The Cliques: "So Hard" 1:59[2][4]

Product Code: CRYPTCD-005713


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