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V/A Locked In to Surf Vol 2 LP Warehouse Find!


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WAREHOUSE FIND! Two copies of this mid '90s surf comp were on the shelves, but not listed in the cart!! 
Check out the tracklist!
Sir Bald Diddley and His Right Honorable Big Wigs - Ripcurl
The Magnificent Escapades - Depthcharge
The Trashwomen - Miserlou
The Panasonics - Introducing the Inscrutable...
Count Zero and The Cosmic-Noughts - Jungle Thunder
Showman & The Thunderous Staccatos - RP600
The Apemen - Shake Your Hoover
The Green Hornets - Ricky (Get Off That Board)
The Waistcoats - Hangover
Jim Carlisle and his Jumping Jacks - Sleazeball
The Gallows - Binkini Drag
The Kaisers - Watcha Say?
The Finks - Eliminator
The Surf Trio - Down 1-5
Lord Limey 'n' The Yanks - Death Ray
The Astronauts - The Astronaut
Los Kogas - Joe's Shuffle
Eight Ball Scratch - Black ta Fade
Juke Boy Barkus and Baldie McGhee - Snake Charmer
Los Phantomas - Branded

Product Code: WIGLP004


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