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Yesterday's Dawn: 16 Vintage Victors From the Garage Vaults LP


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Product Information

Yesterday's Dawn: Sixteen Vintage Victors From the Garage Vaults. A collection of rarities - moody teen anthems, straight punkers, teen garage and spooky psychers, all remastered tracks on vinyl for the first time. Hand numbered LPS #155/300& #156/300!

Track Listing:

BLUE CONDITION - Coming Home (Tersa Records, 1968)
BLUES UNLIMITED - Hey Joe (Beet Records, 1967)
THE AVANTIES - Baby Come Back (Spear International Records, 1966)
FABULOUS BACHELORS - Not Like She (Rick Records, 1966)
THE COUNTDOWNS - Can't You See (N-Joy Records, 1966)
THE VECTORS - Paisley Haze (Delic Records, 1968)
CRYSTAL SECT - Days & Weeks (Evo Records, 1968)
C.C. & THE CHASERS - Put The Clock Back On The Wall (Cori Rec.1966)
INEXPENSIVE HANDMADE LOOK - Ice Cream Man (Brunswick, 1967)
THE ALLUSIONS - Where Have All Good Times Gone (Marianna, 1967)
BROWN PAPER BAG - Something Tells Me (Jox Records, 1966)
THE PARAGONS - Mister You're A Better Man Than I (Bobbi, 1967)
THE JADES - When Shadows Fall (Renay Records, 1967)
ROBB LONDON & THE ROGUES - Who'll Be The One (Beckingham, 1965)
THE BUDDAHS - My Dream (Smell-Dee Records, 1967)
SKIP ELLIS - Ice Cube Girl (City Records, 1967)

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