1/5/13: LuxuriaMusic Live DJs Return – Celebration Broadcast!


LuxuriaMusic Live DJs Return

Inaugural Celebration Broadcast!

Saturday, January 5, 6 – 10 PM 


LuxuriaMusic, the small but feisty Internet radio pioneer, has moved its live broadcast studio to a new location at the Empire Media Center in the Tropico neighborhood of Glendale, California. Tune in this Saturday, January 5th from 6 to 10 pm for the inaugural celebration broadcast. Eleven of LuxuriaMusic’s DJ’s will spin 20 minute segments showcasing the station’s diversely creative programming in the four hour block to welcome you back after a seven-week hiatus from producing live shows in Los Angeles.

The evening kicks off with the delightful aural ephemera made famous by Strike’s Kitsch Niche, followed by the rock, pop, and psychedelic sounds of Michael Quercio’s Paisley Underground Consortium, Atomic Cocktail with Vic Tripp, Over Under Sideways Down with Lee Joseph, and K.A.O.S. A.Go-Go with Agent Kari. The midpoint is marked by Gary Schneider’s Open Mynd Excursion which features rare and classic radio airchecks, followed by seriously raw and rare garage rock, rock ‘n roll, R&B, blues, and soul on Thee Charm School with Charmin’ Larman, Howie Pyro’s Intoxica!, and Boogie Disease Radio with Brian J. Waters. Finally, the night comes in for a landing with jazz, latin, pop vocals, and bossa nova with offerings from Pretty World with Switched On Audrey and Madly Cocktail with Kat Griffin.

The new studio is part of larger initiative to broaden the programming offerings for LuxuriaMusic listeners. This includes a deeper catalog and new shows with easier access to the latest listening platforms for mobile devices. LuxuriaMusic’s business offices will continue to be based in San Francisco. To learn more, visit their website at  www.luxuriamusic.com.

6:00-6:10- Opening Intro- Cliff Chase

6:10-6:30- Strike’s Kitsch Niche

6:30-6:50- Michael Quercio’s Paisley Underground Consortium

6:50-7:10- Atomic Cocktail with Vic Tripp

7:10-7:30- Over, Under, Sideways, Down with Lee Joseph

7:30-7:50- K.A.O.S.  A Go-Go with Agent Kari

7:50-8:10- Open Mynd Excursion with Gary Schneider

8:10-8:30- Thee Charm School with Charmin’ Larman

8:30-8:50- Intoxica! with Howie Pyro

8:50-9:10- Boogie Disease Radio with Brian J. Waters

9:10-9:30- Pretty World with Switched On Audrey

9:30-9:50- Madly Cocktail with Kat Griffin

9:50-10:00- Closing/Thank You’s

( graphic by Ronn Spencer )


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Written by Dionysus Records