In November of 1983 while managing the Roads to Moscow record store in Tucson, AZ., I released a 45 by my then band Yard Trauma. “Some People” b/w “No Conclusions,” written by my bandmate and lead singer Joe Dodge, with nifty op-art graphics by our pal Jonathan L, then editor of Tucson’s Newsreal Magazine, became the first release on Dionysus Records. It took a year and a half and a move to Southern California for the first full-length LP releases to appear on the label thus 1985 has always been referred to as the label’s start date. However, this single is where it really started. “Some People” was also released in 1984 on the Voxx/Bomp compilation “Battle of the Garages Vol II”

In its 27th year, the Dionysus Records will forge ahead with “Meet Redondo Beat,” a full-length album by Germany’s pop-rock trio Redondo Beat in January of 2011, “Easy,” the second release by Latin Jazz exotics Orchestra Superstring featuring X’s DJ Bonebrake on vibes in February of 2011,  country and roots combo Ruby Dee and The Snakehandlers“Live from Austin, Texas,” their third full-length release in March of 2011 and another yet-to-be-announced title or two.  For the first time since 1994 I may release a couple of records by bands I play in! Several out of print titles such as The Dils “Dils, Dils Dils” and Gexa X’s “You Goddamn Kids” plus many others will be repressed on vinyl with free digital download codes as well.

Thanks for your continued support. Love to you all!


Written by Dionysus Records